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Optometry Services

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

We are proud to offer the latest cutting edge equipment:

  • ZEISS Optical Coherence Topography (OCT)

  • ZEISS Clarus Fundus Camera

  • Oculus Pentacam

  • ZEISS Intra Ocular Lens Master (IOL Master)

  • ZEISS Digital Phoropter

  • ZEISS Visufit for optimal Centration Data

  • ZEISS Humphrey Visual Field

  • Auto keratometer

  • iCare Tonometer


We work closely with the most modern and advanced optometrists who have the latest cutting edge technology for optimal vision diagnosis.

Trusted Eyewear Brands

We are associated with optometrists who work with only the highest quality eyewear:

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